The Litigation/Appellate Strategy & Advocacy Group at Shaub, Ahmuty, Citrin & Spratt, LLP is led by its Chair, Christopher Simone. Over the past two decades, our team has established an unrivalled reputation as the go-to resource for excess insurers and private clients in catastrophic personal injury, property claims, subrogation, and more, and is considered the last word on all aspects of New York damages.

New York & National Practice Program. Our 20+ lawyer team provides value at all stages in the litigation life cycle. Our support helps trial defense teams focus on what they do best; our experience positions clients for success in both the trial and appellate courts; and our unparalleled analysis of the New York risk landscape assists clients, carriers, claims professionals and defense attorneys in reaching savvy and informed decisions on individual cases, claim catalogues, and best practices. We are also routinely retained by clients to confront novel, thorny and high-exposure national issues, and are asked to monitor, consult and assist in many state and federal jurisdictions as part of our national practice program.

Litigation Strategy. The key to prevailing in high-stakes disputes: an unvarnished analysis of the risk. We begin by performing the critical reconnaissance, evaluating the legal issues, liability and damages exposure and all potential arguments, from the outset of an action through appeal. We perform these formal and informal liability and sustainable damages evaluations for clients on a near-weekly basis. As the matter progresses, we work closely with trial counsel and clients to develop cost-effective strategies that position matters for favorable resolution.

Motions & Appeals. We frequently intervene early in cases to help our clients curtail protracted litigation and associated costs through dispositive motions, such as motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment. As a recognized leader in complex litigation, we also are called upon when clients face novel, complex or sensitive issues.

We participate in all phases of the appellate process and are familiar with and understand the complex issues and concerns that motivate trial and appellate judges, which enables us to consistently produce winning briefs and oral arguments. Our unrivaled twenty-five year track record spanning thousands of appeals and motions in New York and countrywide speaks for itself. We also represent clients in the submission of amicus curiae briefs for cases with far-reaching precedential significance.

Trial Monitoring. We take pride in working seamlessly with many of the country’s leading trial defense teams.  We have monitored nearly 1,000 trials, more than any other firm in New York or nationally - our attorneys have real-world courtroom experience that complements their academic and appellate acumen. We support trial teams as a liaison, a reporting aid and a failsafe, devoting meticulous attention to the preservation of record and case issues. Many leading national defense teams specifically ask for or endorse our group’s retention specifically because of our ability to add tremendous value without disrupting or undermining the trial presentation.

Data Analytics. Our commitment to being a litigation value-add extends beyond the traditional legal practice. Over the past two decades, our team has honed an unparalleled knowledge on the risk landscape in New York and elsewhere through the collection and analysis of trial data. We monitor, synthesize and share data analytics on damages, defense tactics, and litigation trends with clients, the industry, municipalities, and the bar.

Thought Leaders. We are committed to fostering industry-wide tort reform through widely published and disseminated articles, presentations, and industry seminars focusing on hot button issues such as improper summation tactics, controlling tort damages, social media discovery, and litigation lending practices. We believe that we can better protect our clients in individual cases by eliminating improper and inefficient practices that negatively impact all litigants. While we obviously strive to win individual battles for our clients, our ultimate mission is to better serve them by winning the war. In fact, it's not just our mission, we consider it our obligation.

To learn more about our findings, review some of our work here or contact our practice chair Christopher Simone today.

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