SACS Appellate Group Prevails in New Jersey Appellate Division on Behalf of Municipality in Horrific Murder-Assault Case

In Damien Rose Bruno, et al., v. City of Jersey City, et al., Docket No. A-0843-17T3 the New Jersey Appellate Division today affirmed the trial court’s decision dismissing all of plaintiffs’ claims against Jersey City in the above captioned action involving a horrific murder-assault on two women and an infant child. Both women suffered grievous injuries in the knife assault, and one was pushed out a third-story window with her infant in her arms and later beaten while she laid on the ground.  While she survived the fall and beating, the infant died three days later. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2015/05/post_720.html; https://www.nj.com/hudson/2012/12/two_15_million_lawsuits_agains.html

While our legal arguments were quite strong (we “ghost wrote” the majority of the brief for the municipality along with its talented defense attorney, Assistant Corporation Counsel Stevie Darrel Chambers, Esq.), there was always a concern that the Appellate Division would reverse given the incredibly sympathetic nature of these claims with significant damages exposure. Thankfully, the Court dispassionately applied the law to the facts.

Fantastic work on the briefing by Jonathan, with assistance from Tim and Chris Theobalt (and lots of help from our former colleague and good friend, Steven Widom).


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